About Me

Mithilesh Kumar ChoubeyHi, I’m Mithilesh Kumar Choubey, founder of the MpireMind a blog driven website. I am a graduate in Computer Science & Engineering from Bhopal, a city of lakes. My native is Gahrwa, Jharkhand (India). By passion I am a Software Engineer and I love to write code, debug, implement real things into the code.

I am currently working in Banking domain. I have been in different countries Bank’s and the very first just after 6 months of job onsite was in Accra,Ghana (Africa) and you won’t believe first flight that too international, an awkward movement at the airport what to do, where to go..well that’s called first experience. I am still counting and adding one after other countries in my list. I love to meet new people and become friends. I would love to connect with you also on Facebook. I always love to learn new things instead of sitting idle and get bored. That’s all about me.

About MpireMind, this is blog driven website where you find useful stuffs about technology, troubleshooting, life, health, etc. I love helping people so in today’s internet era, there was no better option from this platform, so I got an idea about starting a website and help people worldwide. I am constantly improving and updating this website for you people. Enjoy reading. !

Any suggestions is most welcome. You can do that by filling out a contact form.